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New Warping, Scouring, Sizing, Drying, and Beaming Machine

On Steel Casting Apparatus *

By Michael Scott

A Peculiar Case of Failure in a Water Main

A Paper by D. McN. Stauffer, C.E., Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Improvements in Bicycles

New Designs for War and Merchant Vessels

Carding Machine Fires

The Preservation of Iron Surfaces

Locomotives Compared with Horses

Obelisks *

By T. L. Donaldson

On Bleaching Shellac

By Josef Maria Eder.

New Photo-Plate Process

Plaster Casts of Fish

Dry-Plate Prize

Mechanical Aids to Human Locomotion

A New Field for the Microscopist

By W. Saville Kent

Convenient Arrangement of the Mirror Galvanometer

By A. Floyd Delafield

The Synthesis of the Lichens

The Zodiacal Light

By C. W Pritchett

Breguet's Telephone

The Telephone

Study of Crystals

By J. H. Collins

Suggestions in the Treatment of Spinal Diseases and Curvature

By E. H. Coover

Albuminuria in Health

Horticultural Notes

Action of Remedies

Trichina Spiralis

Managing a Lawn

New Method for the Estimation of Sulphur in Organic Compounds

By M. W. Iles and C. Fahlberg

Detection of Butter Adulterations

By C. Husson

Lac and the Lac Insect

White and Yellow Corn


Separation of Crystalline Silicic Acid

By E. Laufer

On Benz-Erythren

By G. Schultz

The Value of Hen Manure

The New Automaton Chess Player

En Route

Solutions to Problems

Brownson's Dubuque Tourney No. 3

Herr Horwitz, of London


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