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H.M.S. Dreadnought

The Most Powerful War Vessel in The World

Trial of Competitive Shot against Armor

Testing the Value of Guns by Firing under Water

By Henry A. Mott

Improved White Gunpowder

Memoranda Relating to Condensation

The Huelva Pier

Modern Blasting Explosives

New York Rapid Transit Elevated Railways

The Pig Iron Production of the United States


New Railway Across the Continent

Pitches for Screws with Angular Threads

Physical Society, London

By R. B. Clifton

New Brick Kiln

Various Building Materials

M. Giffard's Great Balloon at the Paris Exposition

The Art of Preserving the Eye-Sight

The New System of Numbering Spectacle Lenses

Metropolitan Stenches

The Commune Scare

On the Action of Sonorous Vibrations in Varying the Force of an Electric Current

By D. E. Hughes and Huxley

Telephonic Transformations

Edison's Carbon Telephone

Successful Operation Between New York and Philadelphia


Recent Remarkable Improvements Applicable to the Telephone, the Measurement of Heat, Sound, Etc.

Electric Light

The Catalpa


By W. Carruthers

Belgian Opinions on English Short-Horns

Brood Mares and Foals

Chess on the Stage

Giuoco Piano

Miss M. Rudge, of Leominster, England

Dubuque Tourneys Nos. 4 and 5

Solutions to Problems


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