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Professor Max Müller

The Liquefaction of Oxygen and Hydrogen, and the Solidifying of Hydrogen

By Raoul Pictet

A Gas-Absorber


Liquefaction of Gases

New 500 H. P. Compound Engines

Improved Riveting Machine

On the Construction of Vessels to Resist High Internal Pressure

By C. William Siemens

Bridges in India


Curved Beams

Keir Explosions

By William Nanson Bondsville

The Paris Exhibition

A New Way of Separating Arsenic from other Metals

By MM. De Clermont and Frommel

Japanese Isinglass

By Harry Napier Draper


By L. F. Nilson and O. Pettersson


By M. Berthelot

Action of Oxygen upon the Acid Chlorides, Bromides, and Iodides of Aluminium

By M. Berthelot

The Collodio-Chloride Process

By M. Geynet

Woodburytype Blocks

By W. B. Woodbury

A New Collodion

Recent Improvements in Aniline Blacks

By Antony Guyard


By J. Arnaudon

Kallab's Bleaching Process

Improvements in Aniline Colors

A Physiological Hint to Photographers

The Hughes Telephone

A Projection Phoneidosoope

By Geo. H. Stone, Kent*amp*apos;s Hill, Me.

The Coming Total Solar Eclipse

By J. Norman Lockyer

On the Aerolitic Epoch of November 12th-13th *

By Daniel Kirkwood

Canadian Phosphate

The Hop as a Vegetable

Mineral Phosphates

Marechal Niel Rose

Hot Water as a Restorative for Plants

Alcohol Dressing in Scalp Wounds

The Infectious Nature of Yellow Fever

JAMES J. L. DONNET, M. D., Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets; Honorary Surgeon to the Queen

Successful Treatment of Hydrophobia


Number of Pulsations of the Heart

Color Blindness

A Chapter on Chess Boards

Chess in Literature

F. E. Brenzinger, of New York

Solutions to Problems

The Huddersfield College Tourney No. 1


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