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Experiments with Floating and Suspended Magnets, Illustrating the Action of Atomic Forces, the Molecular Structure of Matter, Allotropy, Isomerism, and the Kinetic Theory of Gases

By Alfred M. Mayer

The Application of Polarized Light to the Examination of the Alkaloids of the Quinin Group

By Henry A. Mott

St. Louis

Coal Oil Dangers

American Silk Manufacture

New System of Pile-Driving

Lock-Up Safety-Valve

Boiler Feed Regulator

Rocking Firebar

The Creusot Works Exhibits at Paris

The Strength of Wrought Iron

The Land of Midian and its Mines

Concerning Cocoanuts

Irish Short-Horns

Peach Gardens of France

The Seed Trade

By Andrew J. Lawson

The Interior of the Earth

Vesuvius and the Surrounding Country

By C. E. Crosby


[Translated from the German, for The Hospital Gazette, by Paul H. Kretzschmar, M. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y.]

By C. F. Kunze

Geology of the Polar Regions

Vegetable Chemistry


Melting Points

Influence of Different Gases on Fermentation

Hydrogen Peroxide

Fluid Cavities in Blende

Determination of the Fat in Butter

By M. Kretzschmar

Chemical Action of Electric Discharge

Analysis of Soils

By Ad. Mayer

Ammonium Nitrite

Alcoholic Potassa

By E. J. Maumen*amp*eacute;

Action of Hydrocyanic Acid

By O. Wallach

Sugar in the Alimentary Canal

Separation of Minerals

Solutions to Problems

American Congress Tourney of '57

Chess and the Catholic Clergy

J. A. De Riviere. of Paris


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