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New York as a Manufacturing City

The South American Pavilion at the Paris Exhibition

Steam-Boilers for very High Pressures

Stone-Dressing Machine at the Paris Exhibition

Spontaneous Combustion

By Joseph Williams

The Carillons at the Paris Exhibition

Tank Locomotive at the Paris Exhibition

Portable Cylinder Boring Machine

Wire Ropes as Substitutes for Chain Cables

By G. L. Abegg

Combined Condenser and Feedwater Heater

Long Span Railway Bridges

An Improved Form of Marquoi's Scale

By Wm. D. Marks

Grass Burning Stoves

Folding and Perforating Machinery

Electro-Harmonic Telegraphy

By F. L. Pope

Illumination by Electricity

By J. Jamin

The Constitution of the Sun and the Earth

New Mound Discoveries in Missouri

By C. W. Stevenson

Royal Astronomical Society.—The Transit of Mercury

Explorations in Samothrace

The Origin of the Lowest Forms of Life

What a Spider Eats Per Diem

Dr. Levis' Extension Apparatus

The Relations of Dyspepsias with Constitutional Diseases

By J. Cornillon

Potash in Agriculture

Formulas for Fertilizers

Abortion in Cows

By L. Frank

Importance of the Catalpa Tree for Economic Planting

By C. S. Sargent

To Exterminate the White Daisy

Grape Culture

A Fruit Evaporator

Obligations to Commerce

Letters from the Paris Exhibition

French Exhibits of Trained Fruit Trees

New Compound of Palladium

By H. Sainte-Claire Deville and H. Debray

Equivalent of Gallium

By Lecoq De Boisbaudran

Decomposition of Ultramarine by Carbonic Acid

By S. Suguira


By R. S. Dale and C. Schorlemmer

A Good Deal of Pork for a Shilling

Mr. George Walker, of London

Grand Problem Tournament of the American Chess and Problem Association of 1878


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    July 13, 1878

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