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A Mechanical Curiosity

By C. W. MacCord


Flour Dust

The Rudder Power of Steamships

By Robert Clark

The Grosser Kurfürst

Sail Boat with Roller Center Board

Therapeutic Machinery at the Paris Exhibition

The United States Building at the Paris Exhibition

How to Test and Work Silver Ores


By J. R. Johnson

The Dusting-On Process

By Julius Schnauss

A New Substratum

By Henry Cooper

Manufacture, Properties, and uses of Dyestuffs

M. Michaud's Photo-Engraving Process

The Influence of Glycerine on the Fixation of Indigo

By M. Prudhomme

Restoring Faded Writings and Paintings

New Discharge on Indigo Blue

By Oscar Schuerer

Champagne Liqueured with Honey

Vision of Colors

By E. Chevreul

The Moderator Electric Light

Industrial Application of Solar Heat

By M. Mouchot


The Surgeon's Duty

By M. Verneuil

Sleeplessness—Its Causes and Cure

By James Sawyer

Sciatica and Nerve-Stretching

Curare in Epilepsy

By C. F. Kunze

Tartrate of Lime

By A. Scheurer-Kestner

Color-Comparator for Quantitative Analyses

By Albert R. Leeds

On Color

Dynamite in Agriculture


Fodder Corn


By Peter Henderson

Caxton's “Game of Chesse”

Charleston Courier Problem Tournament of 1859


Joseph Alonzo Potter, of Salem, Mass

Problem Solving

Solutions to Problems

The Association Letter Tournament


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    July 27, 1878

    Confronting Common Wisdom