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The Cañons of the Colorado

Compiled from the report of Prof. J. W. Powell, Geologist, in charge U. S. Geological and Geographical survey of the Territories

Plows at the Paris Exhibition

Outward Marks of a Good Cow

By John C. Morris

The most Profitable Bee to Keep

A Novel Salute

Locomotive Engines at the Paris Exhibition

A Diving Dog

Steel Armor Plates

The Baltimore Water Works

Wave Lines

A Short Description Of Their True Form, And How Ships Ought to be Constructed To Meet Them

By J. Collis Browne

White'S New York Malt House

John D. Patten

Progress in Vat Dyeing

Andreas Von Ettingshausen

A New Safety Lamp

Malachite Green

New Color Printing Process

Ceruleine and Galleine

Coating Metals with Tin

Obernetter's Reversed Negative Process

Concrete De Javelle

Black Dyes

Bleaching Wool

Transparencies for Window Ornamentation

Brown Alizarine

By M. Prud*amp*apos;homme

The Richmond (Mo.) Cyclone

Paper Negatives

Photographing a Trotting Horse

New Electric Lamp

By M. Em. Reynier

The Electric Light

The Inductophone

A New Crater on the Lunar Surface

Nervous Exhaustion

By George M. Beard

Formation of Metallic Arsenides

By A. Descamps

A Threatened Dearth of Subjects for Dissection

Gallium and Aluminum Alloys

By Lecoq De Boisbaudran

A Work on Problem Composing

Lebanon Herald Tournament no. 2

Solutions to Problems

Association Letter Tournament of 1878

E. S: Brewster, of Springfield, Mass

The American Chess Championship



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