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The Art of Preserving the Eyesight

Adapted from the French of Arthur Chevalier

Nervous Exhaustion

The Active Principles of Ergot

Heat by a Chemical Action

By T. L. Phipson

Decompositions of Strychnine

By R. Schiff

Climbing Salts

By M. H. Pellet

Chloride of Lime

Cadaveric Alkaloids

By F. Selmi

Action of Watery Vapor

By M. Coquillion

A Reducing Reagent

By Egidio Pollacci

A Cottage, Costing $150

By S. B. Reed

Buildings in Glass

Tobacco at the Paris Exhibition

Coal Ashes as a Civilizer

Cutting Apparatus for Reapers at the Paris Exhibition

The Algerian Court

French Forest Pavilion

The Repair of the Burned Models after the Patent Office Fire of September 24, 1877

By George Dudley Lawson

Improved Marine Engine Governor

Improved Screw Steering Apparatus

West's Reversing Gear

Engineering in Peru

The Manufacture of Wrought-Iron Pipe

Buildings and Earthquakes


A Chinese Tornado

Utilization of the Waste Waters of Fulling Mills and Woolen Works

Manganese and Chrome Blues

Alizarine Blue

A New Anthracene Blue

Useful Recipes

By Jab. W. Parkinbon

On the Joint Action of Red Prussiate and of Certain Acetates upon Indigo

By Albert Scheurer


Colors of Birds and Insects

New Allotropic Modification of Copper

Law of Avogadro and of Ampere

By M. A. Wurtz

Guaiacum Resin Reagent

By Enrico Purgotti

Extracts of Tannin

Constitution of Ultramarine

By Jul. Philipp


Spontaneous Ignition of Zinc

Regeneration of Deteriorated Albumen

Preservation of Iron

Liquid Camphor

On the Corrosion of Platinum by Sulphuric Acid

By M. A. Scheurer-Kestner

On the Estimation of the Natural Tartrate of Lime Present in Crude Argols

By M. A. Scheurer-Kestner

Optical Rotatory Power of Liquids

By O. Hesse

Outlines of Chemistry

By Henry M. McIntire

Oxidation of Aluminum

By Carl John

Oxygen from the Air

Crystallization of Silica

By P. Hautefeuille

Improved Magenta


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    August 10, 1878