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Architecture at the Paris Exhibition

The Fine Arts Gallery at the Paris Exhibition

Anthracite Coal in France

Street Cleaning of Paris

English Half-Timbered House at the Paris Exhibition

Fire-Proof Construction

Sewerage of Paris

Manufacture of Peat Charcoal

Soluble Tannates of Soda

Improved Brick Machine

Improved Gas Glass Furnace

Air Ships

By R. Grimshaw

Transmitting Gas

Gas Governors

The New French Steel Field Gun

Austro-Hungarian High Grinding


J. & T. Boyd's Doubling Winding Machines

Improvement in Rollers for Grinding Cards

By R. J. Edwards

Bleaching of Woolen Goods


Revolving Box for Looms

Machine for Flocking Yarn



Weighting Tissues with Chloride of Magnesium

Treatment of Wool on the Skin

The unconsidered uses of Timber

Of the Burls in Wool

New System of Contractions for German Weights and Measures

A New Mercury Telephone

The Phonoscope and the Phoneidoscope

Strange's Tricycle

A Possible New Force in the Solar Rays

The Microphone

By W. J. Lancaster

Reynier's Electric Lamp

Compound Colors.—Color Blindness

A Case of Hydrophobia–Recovery

By James Nicholls

Histology and the Cellular Theory

Translated for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT from the Gazette des Hapitaux.

By Edward Fourni*amp*eacute;

Chemical Society, London

The Chelmsford Case of Hydrophobia

The Application of Organic Acids to the Determination of Minerals

Analysis of Tin Crystals

Crude Anthracene

By Othmar Zeidler

Dissociation of Sulphides in Presence of Boiling Water, as well as at Temperatures below 100°

By MM. De Clermont and De Frommel

Refraction of Gaseous Bodies

By M. Mascart


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    August 17, 1878