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Laboratory Notes

By John G. Mckendrick

M. Giaffe's Modification of Edison's Carbon Telephone

Jablochkoff's Dynamo-Electric Machines

On a New Method of Detecting Overstrain in Iron and Other Metals, and on its Application in the Investigation of the Causes of Accidents to Bridges and Other Constructions

By Robert H. Thurston

A Fifty-Year Old Wooden Bridge

The Paris Exhibition—Jurors Representing the United States

Labor in France

Steam and Check Valves at the Paris Exhibition

New Furnace Feeder at the Paris Exhibition

New Torpedo Boats

The Portuguese Photographic Printing Process

Heliogravure After the Copperplate Style

Brotherhood's Compound Engine at the Paris Exhibition


By David Bachrach

Specific Gravity

Instantaneous Photography

Medical uses of Carbolic Acid

The Alkaline Treatment of Burns and Scalds

Danger from Hypodermic Injection of Morphia

Diseases of the Ear from Bathing

The New Dental Departure

By L. P. Meredith

Strumous Disease Treated by Volcanic Vapors

Recent Progress of Entomology in North America

A Fatherless and Motherless Race

By William H. Gibson

The Enemies of Books

Their Natural History—Their Ravages—The Methods of Destroying Them

The Earthquakes of 1877

A Variation in the Moon's Motion Caused by the Earth's Spheroidal Figure

By D. P. Blackstone

An Estimate of Geological Time

The Mississippi Jetties


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