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The Gallery of French Furniture

M. Krantz, Commissioner General of the Paris Exhibition

The Metallurgy of Platinum

Paris Exhibition Elevator

Improved Locomotive Exhaust Chamber

The Jablochk off System of Electric Illumination at the Paris Exhibition

The Pneumatic Process of Sinking Piles

By John W. Glenn

The Sewage System of Paris

The Pioneer Railway

New Safety Valve

Improved Feed-Water Heater

A New Form of Toothed Gearing—Elliptical Bevel Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

The Leaching of Silver Ores at Baranca, Mexico

Making Electrotype Plates from Drawings

By Joseph Brown

Sun Spot Screen for small Telescopes

By B. Templar

An Improved Camera Lucida

A New Method of Grinding Glass Specula

By Elihu Thomson

Photographic Engraving in Half-Tones

Cleaning of Glass Plates and Lenses

Recent Photographic Observations of the Solar Surface

Professor Henry Draper's Eclipse Observations

Poisoning by Paris Green

Hygienic Congress

Design for an Album Cover

By E. De Zuloaga Madrid

Concerning Bread

Scientific Phenomena and their Relations

Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The Electro-Capillary Phenomena of the Human Body

From the French of E. Ouimus and Charles Legras

By E. L. Sheldon

Chemical News Notices

Magnesium Nitride

By J. W. Mallet

The Evolution of Vertebrate Limbs

California Gold Mining

Thermometric Scales

The Temperature of Flames

The Precious Metals

Total Yield of the Earth Since the Creation

The Plows of all Nations

Utilization of Waste Products

Prize Cattle-Paris Exhibition

How to Build a Greenhouse


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    September 14, 1878

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