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Captain Boyton at Paris

French Hatters

The French Association for the Advancement of Science

Baville'S Tool-Holders

The Facade of the Swiss Section

Oscillating Stone Crusher


The Carbonization of Wool and Woolen Cloth

Cement Testing Machine

A New Dye-Alizarine Carmine

Waste Waters from Wool Scouring, Fulling, Etc

By Ed. Neumann

Economical Evaporation

Bleaching of Textiles

By M. Clement


Lighthouse Illumination

Temperature of Flame

By F. Rossetti

The Province of Mathematics*

A New England Silver Mine

The Geography of Newfoundland

Measurements in Physics

Manifold Space*

Reunion and Restoration of Divided Nerves

The Art of Preserving the Eyesight

A Simple Test of the Quality of Drinking Water

Gastronomy in Stricture of the Esophagus

With Report of A Successful Case by Professor F. Trendelenburg, of Rostock

By W Thomson

A New Test for Glycerin

By A. Senieb and A. J. G. Lowe


Estimation of Manganese, Lead, Copper, Zinc and Nickel, and their Alloys

By A. Riche

Action of Chlorine

By Edmtod W- Davy

Preparation of Metallic Chlorides

By Charles W. Watts and Chichester A. Bellb

Metallic Arsenides

By A. Descamps

Action of Iodine upon the Oxides and Carbonates of the Alkaline Earth- Metals

By C. F. Cross and S. Sugiura

The Agricultural Products of Cyprus

Measuring the Height of Trees

Cow Milking Apparatus

By Wm. Blurton

Herefords, Cotswolds and Berkshires



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October 26, 1878

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