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Globular Lightning

Simple Electric Light Apparatus

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Base Measurement

By William B. Whiting

An Aerial Meteorite

Plaster of Paris

Mr. Wm. Spottiswoode

Heat in Grinding

Dyeing, Bleaching, Printing, Finishing, Etc

Painting upon Wood and Canvas—The Deterioration of Oil Paintings

By R. Liebreich

Photograph Enlargements

Deadly Effects of a Photo Chemical

The Odling Safety Lamp

Matt Varnish

M Liebert on Portraiture

Improved Silk-Finishing Machine

Progress and Prospects of New York

One Solution of the Labor Problem

Machine for Shortening and Welding Tires

Improved Steam Pump

The Paris Exhibition Prizes

An Impressionist at the Paris Exhibition

Improved Hauling Engine

The Steamship “Dunrobin Castle”

Labor in Scotland

The Ancient Capital of Ulysses

The Tynemouth Aquarium

The Comet Pump

A Prehistoric Foundry at Bologna

The Antiquity of Man


Land Transfer in Babylon

Aerial Respiration in Fishes

A Curious Fungus

By W. H. Gibson

Rosolic Acid and Rosanilin

By H. Caro and C. Graebe

Iodine and Bromine from Kelp

By Robert Galloway

Analysis of Behar Opium-Ash

By C. J. H. Warden

A New Fossil Bird

Analyses of Corn, Beef, Milk and Skim-Milk

The New Wheat Field

Ravages of the Phylloxera

Bones and Superphosphates

Hereford Cattle

Indian Oil Trade


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    November 09, 1878

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