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Cleopatra's Needle

American Geological Surveys

The Properties of Iron and Steel

By Daniel Adamson

The Motion of Acid on Surfaces

On Motions Produced By Dilute Acid On Some Amalgam Surfaces*

By Robert Sabine

The Telephone and Terrestrial Magnetism

An Improved Whaling Gun

Belgium at the Paris Exhibition

The Pavilion of Copper

The Paris Exhibition Prizes

Bronze Medals

An Impressionist at the Paris Exhibition

The Proper Climate for Consumptives

Bright's Disease Cured by Jaborandi

On Systematic Exercises—Their Value in the Prevention of Disease

By Edward T. Tibbits

Detection of Blood upon Dyed and Dirty Tissues


By W. N. Thursfield

A Model Farm in Normandy

Agricultural Plant Feeding

By E. Lewis Sturtevant

Forestry—French Experiments

Rain Water Cisterns

How Indians Catch White Fish

Small Green Houses

The Vacuna Moth


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