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Statue of “the African” at the Paris Exhibition

The Swedish and Norwegian Pavilions at the Paris Exhibition

A New Micrometer

French Express Locomotive

Notes on the American Hat Trade

Surface Tension

By G. N. Fitzgerald

Application of Wolfram in the Manufacture of Iron and Coal

The Trade in False Hair

The Gutta-Producing Plants of the Malay Peninsula

Destruction of Burls in Wool

A New Coloring Matter

Some Causes of the Scaling off of the Coating on Nickel-Plated Goods, and their Remedies

Manufacture of Resorcine, Eosine, and the Other Derivatives of Resorcine

By MM. Bindschedler and Busch

Fading of Carbon Prints

A New Mucilage

Chemical Items

Theory of Alcoholic Fermentation According to the Latest Researches of Claude Bernard

By C. Blondeau

Solubility of Phosphorus in Acetic Acid

Reports on Coloring Matters

Preparation of Pure Zinc

Preparation of Methylic Products

Improvements and Inventions

Dissociation of the Oxides of the Platinum Group

By H. Sainte-Claire Deville and H. Debray

Detection of Nitrobenzole by a New Process

Notes on a Collection from the Ancient Cemetery at the Bay of Chacota, Peru

By John H. Blake

Hot Springs, White Island, New Zealand

On the Larval Characteristics of Corydalus and Chauliodes, and on the Development of Corydalus Cornutus

By C. V. Riley

Biological Notes on the Gall-Making Pemphigin æ

By Charles V. Riley

Why the Flounder is Unsymmetrical

The Monkey Question in India

Some Further Facts Regarding that “Fatherless Race”

By C. V. Riley

Notes on the Life History of the Blister Beetles and on the Structure and Development of Hornia

By Charles V. Riley

A Dog loses his Voice

On Systematic Exercises: Their Value in the Prevention of Disease

Contagious Pneumonia

A New Searcher, for Detecting Minute Fragments of Stone in the Bladder

By Edmund Andrews

Bilious Diseases—What are They, and Why So Called?

By I. H. Nowlin

A New Method for Determining the Current Elements of a Voltaic Circuit

Three Experiments with Telephones

By E. Sacher

Regulator for Induction Coil

By J. E. Floyd


Action of Chemical Reagents Upon Vegetable Fibers

Chestnut Tree Disease

The Alligators and the Ox

The Montbeliard Breed

Wood Smoke in Greenhouses


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    November 30, 1878

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism