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Manufacture of Hydrogen Gas for the Captive Balloon at Paris

The Paris Exhibition-Awarding the Prizes

The Great Medal of Honor of the Paris Exhibition

Electrical Apparatus at the Paris Exhibition

An Electric Free-Pendulum Regulator

The Pollard Telephone

One Solution of the Labor Problem

English Engineers and American Bridges

Pulsating Lubricator

Hall's Injector

A New means to Prevent Incrustations in Boilers

The Silk Trade of Lyons, France

Hydraulic Dumping

American Anthracite Coal in the Mediterranean

Aerial Echoes

By Joseph Henry

Vaseline in Pharmacy

By Nathan Rosenwasser

On the Practical Value of Wolfram Alloys

Improvement in the Manufacture of Caustic Soda

How to make Copying Paper

How to Mend Platinum Vessels

Gallein and Cœrulein

Coal Gas as a Fuel for Boilers

Apparatus for the Preparation of Carbon Paper

A New Mode of Preserving Wood

A New Process of Manufacturing Chloride of Methylen on a Large Scale

Test for Colophonium, Resin, Etc., In Yellow Wax

Sulphur and Yellow Fever Germs

Solubility of Petroleum in Liquid Soaps under Certain Circumstances

On the New Metal Gallium

Nickel Plating on Iron and Steel without a Battery

New Mode of Analyzing Milk

Magnesia as an Antidote for Arsenic

The Utilization of Household Sewage

Manganese as a Reducing Agent in Bronzes

Extraction of Copper and Silver

Contamination of Subnitrate of Bismuth by Lead

Bleaching of Textile Fibers

Varnishes for Foundry Patterns, Machinery, Etc.

Anthracnose—A New Vine Disease

The Progress of Sheep Husbandry in the United States

Outlines of Chemistry

By Henry M. McIntire

Death of a Prominent Agriculturist, Engineer, and Manufacturer

Killing American Beef for English Markets

Rise and Progress of Bee Culture

By A. J. King


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    December 07, 1878