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Wine Presses at the Paris Exhibition

The Algerian Exhibition, Paris

Woolen Fabrics at the Paris Exhibition

Portable Steam Pumping Engine

Compressed Air Machines

Piccard's Boiler

Extraction Of Salt from Salt Water

The St. Gothard Tunnel

By Geo. J. Specht

New Bone Mill

Compressed Fuel

Apparatus for Lifting Sunken Vessels

Manufacture of Artificial Stone

Russia Sheet Iron

The Dutch Arctic Expedition

On the Science of Easy Chairs

New Coloring Matters

A New Process for Separating Iodine and Bromine from Kelp

Electric Lighting


The Electric Light

The New Magnesia Process for Boiler Feed Water

The Present Bugbear of French Savants

Ozone and the Atmosphere

By Albert R. Leeds

The Diffusion of Salicylate of Soda

On A New Metal—Philippium

By M. Marc Delafontaine

Better Pharmaceutical Education

By Richard V. Mattison

The Purification of Sewage

Progress in Purifying Sewage by Precipitation*

By Henry Robinson

Prof. Huxley on the Hand

An El Dorado for Apothecaries

Paint from a Sanitary Point of View

New Planets

Darby's Steam Digger

Rise and Progress of Bee Culture

Shall I Plow the Lawn?


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