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Decorative Details from the Exhibition Palace, Paris

The Paris Exhibition and its Jury

Finale of the Paris Exhibition

Food Products.—Paris Exhibition

Russian Torpedo Boats

A Montgolfier Ram

By Washington Jones

Steam in Water

Improved Screw-Cutting Mechanism

By E. P. Baville and A. Greenwood

The Silver Mill

By M. P. Boss

Decipium.—A New Metal from Samarskite

By M. Delafontaine

New Improvements in Platinotype Printing

Oriental Style as Applied to Fabrics

Volumetric Determination of Zinc

English Cheese Presses

To Find Free Tartaric Acid in Wine

The Gramme Dynamo-Electric Machine for Producing Alternating Currents

How to Make Excellent Photo Transparencies

By E. Stebbing

A New System of Electric Lighting and a New Form of Electric Lamp

By Elihu Thomson and Edwin J. Houston

New Telephonic Transmitter

By P. Dumont

How to Make a Camera Lucida in Ten Minutes

A Rustic Hygrometer

Peroxide of Hydrogen in the Blood

An Attempt to Explain the Curative Action of Certain Remedies in General Use

By John Day

The Rings of Saturn

Diarrhea in Children

The Treatment of Ulcers with a Saturated Solution of Chlorate of Potassium

By T. M. Rochester

Embalming the Dead

Sulphuric Acid Chemistry

New Ways of Utilizing the Action of Alkalies and Acids on the Textile Fabrics

Influence of Vibratory Motion on Solutions of Gases and Explosives

A New Alkaloid

Wheat Culture

Testing Subnitrate of Bismuth for Lead

Testing Flour for Mineral Admixtures

Spurred Rye in Bread

Recovering Gold from Old Cyanide Solutions


New Test for Alkalies

New Mode of Determining the Melting Temperature of Solids

Email for Cast Iron

Coloring Rifle Barrels Brown

Cobalt Plating


By A. H. Church

A New Reagent for Carbolic Acid

A Recent Visit to the Caves of Adelsberg

Absorption of Carbonic Oxide by Living Organisms

Harbor Illumination by Gas

Seeds and Seed Planting

By Chas. H. Shinn


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    December 21, 1878