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A Californian Jewel Casket

New Rotary Printing Press for Illustrated Papers

Fowler's Hauling Engine

Institution of Civil Engineers

English Fanning Mill, Elevator, and Weighing Machine

Improvements in Sugar Cane Mills

Artificial Decortication of the Bark of Trees by Heat

Artesian Wells

The Niagara Falls Mill

Trouve's Micro-Telephone

Telephone Improvements

Photography in Natural Colors

Remarkable Automata

Jardiniere in Silver

Professor Harkness, F.R.S.

Condensed Milk

Air Temperature

The Crater of Vesuvius

On the Constitution of Matter in the Gaseous State

Charles Adolphe Wurtz

Hypophosphorous Acid and its Salts

Chemical Society, London

By J. H. Gladstone

The Scientific American Supplement. Index for Vol.6


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