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Galvanic Batteries.—No. 1

By M. Hopkins

Report of Sounds by Electricity

The Werdermann Electric Light

Electric Lamps

Forces in the Telephone

Artesian Wells

The South Pacific Coast Railroad

The Eddystone Lighthouse

Comparative Wear of Iron and Steel Rails

On The Direct Process of Making Wrought Iron and Steel

By Charles M. DuPuy

Parian Ware at the Paris Exhibition

The Carr Disintegrating Flour Mill


A Story of Science

By One Who Knows Nothing About it

History of the American Lead Pencil Manufacture

Physical Society, London

By G. C. Foster and W. G. Adams

On M. A. Gauthier's Process for the Detection of Arsenic

The Absorption and Repulsion of the Chemical Rays by Colored Carbon Surfaces

Recent Assyrian Discoveries

Remarkable Discoveries in Rome—The Palatine Hill

The Physical Properties of the Atmosphere

The Chameleon—How it Changes Color

Insect Fungi

American Dairy Progress

By J. R. Dodge

Lecture on Hygiene

By Reginald Southey

Gastric Juice of the Dog Fish

Malaria and Ague

Chloral as a Counter-Irritant

Harmlessness of Urea in the Blood


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