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The Armstrong Divided Mountain Gun

Fireless Locomotives in France

Swiss Railroads

American Ship Canal

Propeller for Velocipedes and Sleighs

Automatic Furnace Feeder

How to make a Superior Gum

Artesian Wells

Character of Material

Action of some Reagents on Vegetable Fibers

Artesian Well Tides

Galvanic Batteries

By Geo. M. Hopkins

New York Pathologial Society

A Surgeon Loses His Right Hand—Remarkable Fortitude

By J. C. Peters

Origin of Yellow Fever

Philadelphia Hospital

Sinus Of The Leg

By F. F. Maury and C. W. Dulles

Cure of Onychia Maligna

Trade Diseases

A Study of Wheat

Keeping Fruit

Quaint Architecture of old Bristol, Eng

Baltimore Houses and Rents

The Utilization of the Elephant

On the Development of the Garpike

Peruvian Antiquities

By E. R. Heath

Chemical Novelties

Miscellaneous useful Receipts


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