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How to make a Dynamo-Electric Machine, with Working Drawings One-Half Actual Size

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Electro-Dynamic Illustration

Curious Sensations of Heat

The Telephone on a Volcano

Its Use in Detecting Subterranean Sounds

Electrical Clock Dials

Newhaven Harbor, England

Eight Horse Power Traction Engine

Institution of Civil Engineers, London

A Belgian Rag House

Welding of Powders by Pressure

Improved Zinc Bath for Galvanizing Iron

Huch's Densimeter

Improved Wool Drying Machinery

Variability of the Sun's Surface

Progress of Photography in Russia

An Improved Saponifier

Chemical Notes

Baldness and its Treatment

Experimental Physiology

Demonstrator of Experimental physiology in the University of Pennsylvania

By Robert Meade Smith

Microscopical Observations in Yellow Fever

By J. B. Marvin

Preparation of Pepsin, and the Good to be Obtained from It

By Jos. Adolphus

Agriculture of Japan

Horticulture in Fairmount Park

By Margaret P. Janes

Best Sheep for Farmers

The Carpet Beetle, and other Domestic Pests

By H. A. Hagen


Record of Recent Scientific Publications


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    February 01, 1879