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The Columbia Bicycle

A Novel Boat Rig

By H. R. Taylor

Coal-Cutting Machine for Manual Power

Railway Notes

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Geodetic Surveys

By L. M. Haupt

Oliver Evans' Model Mill of 1788

Hints on Building Chimneys

Alum in Baking Powders


Preece's Improvements in Telephones

Edison's Recent Telephonic Inventions

A New form of Transmitting Telephone

The Watch Telephone

Some Modifications of the Microphone and Telephone

By Geo. M. Hopkins

A Report on underground Telegraph Wires

New Stethoscopic Microphone

Improved Musical Condenser

A Simple Microphone

The Conditions of Health in the Infant

By Wm. B. Atkinson

Malaria Not of Vegetable Origin

By John S. Hittell

Dyspepsia from Impaired Movements of Stomach

Suicide in France

Relations of Syphilis to the Public Health

Poisonous Tin Plate

Mortality in the Principal Cities of the World

Glycerine Cement

Artificial Coloring Matters

The Origin of Temporary and Variable Stars

Solid Shades for Wool

New Blue on Flannel

Dyes for Wool to Stand Milling

Caustic Alcohol

(Sodium Alcohol And Potassium Alcohol.)

By Albert B. Prescott

Blasting Gelatine

Gulf Weed

The Light from Venus and Mercury

The Chinese Almanac

“Loco” Poisons of the West


Mural Fountain in Majolica

By C. Lacher and FR. Wudia

Raising Ducks


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    February 15, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism