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The Dignity of Labor

The Derriey Cylinder Press

Gun Cotto

The Wonderful Railways of Peru

On Atwood's Machine

The Janney Car-Coupler

Notes on the Microscopical Examination of Iron

From a Report, to the Society of German Engineers

By A. Martens

The Heat of the Comstock Mines

By John A. Church

Chicago Claims the Next World's Fair

New Minerals

New York Academy of Sciences

French Wheelbarrows

A Co-Operative Manufacturing City

On the Minute Measurement of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

The Phoneidoscope

The Artificial Syntheses of Organic Compounds

By John M. Stillman

Experiments with the Silicated Carbon and Spongy Iron Filters

Nitric Acid: Its Reproduction from the Lower Oxides of Nitrogen

By Bernard C. Molloy *amp*ast;

Preservative Gases and Vapors

Artificial Carlsbad Salts

A New Organic Base in Animal Organisms

New Method of Treating Refuse Iron Oxide from Gas Houses

On the Reaction of Sulphuric Acid and Iodine upon Starch

Action of Iodic Acid on Strychnine

Origin of the Metallic Iron of Greenland

Solubility of Platinum in Sulphuric Acid

Platinum Black

Sowing Seeds

Another Narcotic Plant

Sugar Refining by Chloride of Barium

Indian Nut Parties in Nevada

Preserving Wood

Benzoic Acid from Naphthaline

Process for Sulphuric Acid

The Latest Advances in Fruit Culture

The Florida Alligator

The War With Insects

Fisheries on the Canary Islands

Ancient Glazed Pottery

The “Brain Ivory” of Fishes

New Discoveries at Ancient Troy

Showers of Red Ashes in the Atlantic

The Parasitic Life on Submarine Cables


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