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An Australian Wheat Stack

The Sugar-Beet Industry

Roller Mills

Farm Law

How to Feed for Eggs

Fertilizers for Corn

A Nut for Congress to Crack

By P. H. Wait

Drainage of an Apartment House

Effect of Ocean Currents

Explosions from Combustible Dust

By L. W. Peck

The Wonderful Railways of Peru

Improved Carding Machine

New French Tank Locomotive

Possibilities in Gas Lighting

A Few Experiments with the Induction Coil

By M. Hopkins

Autographic Telegraphy

A Simple Electric Pen

The Pathology of Typhoid

Notes on Peroxide of Hydrogen as a Disinfectant and Deodorant

By John Day

Beetroot Photographs

The Organ of Hearing in Health and in Disease.—An Essay on Curable and Preventable Deafness

By W. S. Bowen

Wax in the Ears

On the Cerebral Symptoms Produced by Impacted Cerumen

By William A. Hammond

The Poison Glands of the Centipedes

Feeding by the Nose

By T. Newington

Obesity—How Caused—How Cured

Cure of Symblepharon

By A. W. Calhoun


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