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On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

Record of Recent Scientific Publications

American and English.

Notes on the Microstructure of Spiegeleisen

Condensed from a Report By A. Martens To The Society of German Engineers

Cartridge Manufacture

The Henze-Ellenberger High Pressure Saccharifier

The Unconsidered Uses of Timber

Collotypes on Zinc Plates

By J. Husnik

A New Fast Green and Malachite Green

By Bindschedler and Busch

New Filtering Apparatus

On the Effect of Heat on the Di-Iodide of Mercury, HgI2

By G. F. Rodwell

Chromium and its Compounds

Apparatus for Continual Dialysis

Researches on Ozone and the Electric Effluve

By M. Berthelot

Combined Gas, Steam, and Air Engine

Thoughts on our Conceptions of Physical Law

By Francis E. Nipher

Design for Town Hall

The Mineral Springs of Colorado

Light and Life

English Advice for Cold Weather

Evolution and Human Anatomy

By Stanford E. Chaill*amp*eacute;

Protrusion of Lower Jaw, and Treatment

Honors to the Late Prof. Henry

William Harvey

Filaria in the Eye

Filaria in the Eye of the Horse

By Chas. S. Turnbull

Prehistoric Mounds in Kansas


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