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The Atchison Stone Cutting Machine

The Herreshoff Torpedo Boat

Steam Dredger

Bath Abbey Church

By S. Reade

The Beacon-Tower of Lavezzi

St. Gothard Tunnel

Shoemaker's Wax

A New Method of Germination

To Tan Lace Leather with Soft Soap

Nickel Compass Needles

Improved Process for Treating Wood, Etc., for Paper Manufacture

By A. Mitscherlich

Bronzing Plaster of Paris Casts

Damar Varnish for Negatives

Some Facts in regard to Telescopic and Stereoscopic Vision

By H. Farrand

Practical Dyeing Recipes

The Centenary of the Birth of Sir Humphry Davy, December 17, 1878

To make Vignetters by means of Gelatino-Chromate

By J. Schnauss

Apparatus for Titration

By W. F. K. Stock

Substitution of Different Metals in Ultramarine Colors

Phosphate Soaps

On Resorcine Colors

By Messrs. Bindschedler and Busch

Light and Heat in Gas-Flames

A Harmless Green for Paper Hangings

The Species of Tapeworm now Prevalent

Reaction of Tartaric and Citric Acids

Production of Alcohol without Fermentation

Nitrous Oxide under Pressure

Filaria in the Eye

Filaria in the Eye of Man

By Chas. S. Turnbull

A Peculiar Observation

A New Enemy to the Tea Plant

A Gigantic American Deep-Sea Crustacean

The Bradford Oil Sand

By Chas. A. Ashburner

Glaciers in the United States

Archæological Explorations in Tennessee

By F. W. Putnam

The Tuolumne Cave

The Nature of the Elements

Memorably Cold Winters

Life at Timber Line

By C. E. Robins

The Walled Lake in Iowa

Is the Moon Inhabited?


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    March 29, 1879

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