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Good Work at the Mints

The International Exhibition of New South Wales

The Earnings of the Working Classes

Utilization of Slag

Progress of German Cutlery

Modern Musketry

Heavy Ordnance

Dairy Cottage

Zing-Dust as a Cause of Fires

The Lighthouse of Chipiona, Cadiz, Spain

The De Bay Propeller

A Durable Spur Wheel

Leuner's Adding Pencil

Hahn's Iron Scaffolding

Theory and Practice in Bread Making

By Geo. M. Wiiitaker

Millot's Grain Separator and Grading Machine

Fraudulent “Greening” of Oysters in France

Metzger's Improved Machinery for Manufacturing Vermicelli and Macaroni

The Lebrousse Paper Pulp Machine

Designing for Textiles

Warping Bobbins with Iron Heads

Sliver Guide for Spinning Machines

Apparatus for Testing the Evenness of Yarn

A Drag for Throstle Bobbins

A New Buckskin Loom

Classification of Colors

A Communication to the Photographic Society of France

By M. Cros

Porcelain Painting

By V. Joclet

Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

By J. P. Joule

A New Device for Magnetizing Compass Needles

Steeling Copper Plates

By R. Bottger

Plante's Secondary Battery

Notes on the Diffusion of Atmospheric Impurities in Occupied Rooms

Liquid Carbonic Acid from Bicarbonate of Soda

Carbonate of Ammonia from Gas Liquor, without the use of Acids

By F. W. Brothers

Du Fay's Theory

Spectrometric Measurement of High Temperatures

By A. Crova

Radiometer Pressure

Physical Society, London

Note on the Absorbing Power of Vegetable Charcoal

Influence of the Different Colors of the Spectrum on the Development of Animals

By E. Yung

Dynamo-Electric Machines

By Edwin J. Houston and Elihu Thomson

Archæological Explorations in Tennessee

By F. W. Putnam

Is the Moon Inhabited?

[From the French of Camille Flammarion]

Porosity of Building Stone

Professor Purser on “Tides and Tidal Currents”

The Development of Africa


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    April 05, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism