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Heating by Hot Water

A Hot Water Engineer

The Linde Ice Machine

Improved Varnish Boiler with Automatic Regulator

Twin Screw Steam Launch

The Steam Yacht “Lady Franklin”

Twin Locomotive

An Exhibition of Wall-Papers

Pumping Gold

New Automatic Siphon

By William Taylor

The Smith-Odling Miner's Lamp

Thin Plates of Metal

By T. Egleston

A New Determination of the Chemical Equivalent of Aluminum

The Ammonia-Soda Process

Manufacture of Sugar

Duplex Drop Shutter

By W. Bedford

Compressed Gas

Absorption of Gases by Charcoal

On A New Series Of Equivalents Ob Molecules*

By Angus Smith

Relations Between Temperature and Volume in the Generation of Ozone, with Description of a New Ozonator

Important Extension of the Use of the Blowpipe in Quantitative Determinations

Bronchial Asthma

Cold Water in Typhoid

By J. W. Kibbee

Grapes as Food

The Globular Richness of Human Blood

The Carolina Twins

New Remedies

Leprosy in America

A New Industry. —Fig Culture at the North a Success.

By G. F. Needham

The “New Departure”—What it “Believes” and What it “Contends”

By Henry S. Chase and St. Louis

James Watson Robbins, M.D

Jacob Bigelow, M.D., LL.D.

Home Made Superphosphate

Food Reforms


The Torrey Botanical Club

The Reproduction of Eels

Archeological Explorations in Tennessee

By F. W. Putnam

On the Recent Eruption and Present Condition of Vesuvius

On Some Physical Properties of Ice; On the Transposition of Bowlders from Below to Above the Ice; And on Mammoth Remains

By John Rae

Sandstone in Coal

A New Battery

On Certain Means of Measuring and Regulating Electric Currents

By C. W. Siemens

The Solar System


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    April 12, 1879

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