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Cailletet's Apparatus for Determining the Volume of Gases under High Pressure

By G. Tissandier

The Wieliczka Salt Mines

By Chas. Grad

Fragrant Woods

A Study of Wheat

The Microscopical Structure of the Different Coats

By Lou Reed Stowell

New Pyrometers

A Good Mounting Material

By Francis Dann

Light Draught, Fast, Stern Wheel Steam Yacht

On the Loading of Monster Guns in Modern Ironclads

By A. Albibi

The Stern Wheel Steamer Montana

Heavy Ordnance

The St.Gothard Tunnel

The St. Gothard Tunnel

Firebrick Fire Boxes for Locomotive Boilers

A New Duplex System

By S. M. Banker

New Sounder

Notes on the Microstructure of Spiegeleisen.—II

Condensed from a Report to the Society of German Engineers

By A. Martens

On a New Chemical Industry Established

By M. Camille Vincent

Metallic Packings

Spontaneous Combustion

The Distillation Of Coal Tar—The Scotch System

The Treatment of Organic Heart Disease

Suggestions for Preventing the Spread of Scarlet Fever

Archæological Explorations in Tennessee

By F. W. Putnam

Death Rate in Europe

Relation of Meteorites to Comets


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