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Connection Between the Daily Fluctuations of the Barometer and of the Magnetic Needle

By John D. Parker

The New Observatory on the Pic Du Midi, of the Pyrenees


Study of Hailstorms and their Accompanying Phenomena

Fogs and their Causes

By R. A. Proctor

The Nebular Theory

Relation of Meteorites to Comets

Archeological Explorations in Tennessee

By F. W. Putnam

The Geology of Coal

A New Enemy of the Grapevine

Dr. S. M. Plush Battery Cell

Electric Chronograph for Steam Boilers

The Anatomy of the Male Chimpanzee

The Robin

By Mary E. Holmes

The Atlantic and Pacific Interoceanic Canal

The Ohio River Coal Barge System

Steel Welding

By Sergius Kern and St. Petersburg

Iron and Steel at Paris

Milling Machinery at the Paris Exhibition

Romans' Hand Car

Silk Culture in the United States

“Garnet,” the Residue of the Manufacture of Magenta

By M. Jousset De Bellesme

Clean Photo Plates

By F. A. Bridge

Liquefaction of Silicide of Hydrogen

By M. Ogier

Improved Cotton Stretchers


By H. Moissan

Radiation of Incandescent Platinum

By J. Violle

On Aniline and the Methylated Toluidines and on the Dyes Derived from Them

By P. Monnet, F. Reverdine and E. Noelting

Japanese Lacquer

On the Reddening of Carbolic Acid

Lantern Slides and Transparencies

By William Brooks

Philosophical Society of Glasgow

A New Method of Measuring the Chemical Intensity of the Solar Ray

Preparation of Sulphate of Indigo

By M. Van Laer

Gas Analysis and Apparatus

Tenacity of Starch

By George Whewell

Braun'S Centrifugal Apparatus for Separating Solid and Liquid Particles from Gases

Plants of Ancient Egypt

Culture of the Calla Lily

Loss of Hair

By John V. Shoemaker

Italian Precautions against the Phylloxera


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