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Notes on the Microstructure of Spiegeleisen.—III

Condensed from a Report by A. Martens to the Society of German Engineers

The Treatment of Iron to Prevent Corrosion.

By Barff,

Chemical News Notices

The Gelatine Process

Notes on Gelatino-Bromide

Estimation of Nicotine in Tobacco

Clinical Lecture

Traumatic Insanity

Elastic Adhesive Plaster

A Great River Changes its Bed

Treatment of Distemper

Treatment of Cerebral Apoplexy by Injections of Ergotine

Probable Causes of Arctic Heat in Former Times

By Ex

A New, Cheap, and Self-Generating Disinfectant

Arctic Notes

Francq's Fireless Locomotive

Skew-Bevel Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

How Calender Rollers are Ground


By D. E. Salmon

The Photocollotype Process

By T. Bolas

Native Bitumens and the Pitch Lake of Trinidad

By W. 0. Crosby

Brilliant Gas Lights

Farm Law

Hiring Help

Cultivation of Beans

Bone Compost

The Silkworm

A Brief Manual of Instructions for the Production of Silk

By Chas. V. Riley

The Dinosaurs of the Rocky Mountains

By A. Lakes

The Marbled Sepedon


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    May 03, 1879

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