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Berdan's Range Finder

Krupp's Latest Patent

Life Saving Experiments

The Treatment of Iron to Prevent Corrosion


Hempstead Storage Reservoir

The Bilbao Iron Ore Beds

The Silkworm

A Brief Manual of Instructions for the Production of Silk

By Charles V. Riley

Photography in Colors

By M. K. Versnaeyen

Bennett's Gelatine Emulsion Process

By W. Wainwright

Removing Wire and Iron from Wheat by Magnets

On the Minute Measurements of Modern Science

By Alfred M. Mayer

A New kind of Telegraph Cable

Prof. Huxley on the Lowest forms of Life

Native Bitumens and the Pitch Lake of Trinidad

By W. O. Crosby

Glazed Frost

A Recent Visit to Vesuvius

By H. D. Garrison

Galileo and the Inquisition

The Tails of Comets


Treatment of Fistula in Ano.—A New Method

By I. J. Suggs

Constitution of Nebulæ

Elephantiasis and Filaria

The Chemistry of Plants


By R. Warington

Manufacture of Phosphorus

By James Readman

Chemical Notes

Gas as Fuel

Reciprocal Displacements between Oxygen, Sulphur, and the Halogens, when Combined with Hydrogen

By Berthelot

Chemical Items

Improved Chrome Black on Wool

Improved Hydro-Extractors, Combined with Engines


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