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French Railway Appliances

Portable Electric Light Engine

Use of Compressed Air Motors for Street Cars

Skew-Bevel Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

The Galvanizing Process

Some Facts of Interest concerning Zincked Iron and the Process of Galvanizing


Huntley, Holcomb & Heine, Silver Creek, N. Y.

A New Reaction of Creatinine and Creatine

New Mode of Treating Caoutchouc

Relative Chemical Energy of Sunlight, Electric Light, and Magnesium Light

A New Blasting Compound

Note on Hæmocyanine

The Plane of Polarization Electro-Magnetically Rotated in a Vapor



Analysis of the Zsadanyer Meteorite

Note on the Action of Chloral Hydrate on Rhodanide of Ammonium

Process for Preparing Sulphate of Baryta for Painting

A Varnish for Replacing Turpentine and Linseed Oil Paints

Synthetical Production of Rhodanides and Ferrocyanides

Glutine, a New Preparation for Stiffening and Rendering Glossy Calicoes, Wall Paper, Etc.

Improvement in the Manufacture of Methylaniline

Process for Recovering the Arsenic contained in the Residues from Fuchsine Manufacture

New Dyes

Painless Death

Purifying Oil of Cognac

Printing on Glass

Process for Manufacturing Soda and Potash from the Sulphides

Clinical Lecture on Burns

By R. J. Levis

Removal of Hair by Electricity

By George Henry Fox

Volcanoes of the Pacific Coast

Gangrene.—Benefit of Hot-Water Bath

Rashes Produced by Drugs in Daily Use

A Curious Stone Head

Carbolic Acid in Small-Pox

By A. R. Platt

Intellect in Brutes

The mean Depth of the Sea

Alligators in the Yangtsze-Kiang

The Formation of Deltas

Interesting Antiquarian Researches

Oak Staircase and Screen

Absorption of Water by the Leaves of Plants

New Grand Cemetery or Necropolis in Madrid, Spain


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