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Railway Velocipedes

The Crime of Inventing Machinery

Skew-Bevel Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

100-Horse Power French Beam Engine

The Theory of the Grooves in Millstones

The Derwent Bridge

Electromotive Force—Resistance and Current

By J. T. Sprague

Sunday-School Buildings

Fuller's Electric Light

On Simple Forms of Microphone Receivers

By W. J. Millar

M. Ader's Telephone without a Diaphragm

By M. Le Comte Du Moncel

Changes of Spectra

J. B. Fuller

Gas as Fuel

Aniline (C6H7N)

Detaching Negatives from their Glass Supports

A Communication to the Photographic Society of France

Rubber Hoof Cushions

A Study of Wheat

By Lou Reed Stowell

Wire vs. Twine Binding for Wheat

The Cultivation of Mushrooms

Sir J. Lubbock on Ants

The Sturgeon


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    May 31, 1879

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