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Piat's Portable Oscillating Foundry Furnaces

New Water Engine

Trial Test of a New Patent “Bumper”

The Leadville Mines

Fossil Forests of the Volcanic Tertiary Formations of the Yellowstone National Park

By W. H. Holmes

A Mountain Sinking

A Salt Mountain in St. Domingo

The Brazilian Sandstone Reefs

Another World Inhabited Like our Own

Description of the Planet Mars—Discovery of its Satellites

A Recent Visit to Pompeii

By H. D. Garrison

The Telephone and Microphone Controversy

Invisible Solar Clouds

Determination of the Diameter and Volume of the Sun

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

Tolles' One-Seventy-Fifth Inch Objective. Its History, Construction, and Uses

American District Telegraph Boys

Bloodhounds on the Trail

Sun and Air Baths

By C. H. Merrick

Clerac's Tube

The Flesh of Diseased Cattle as Food

Gelatine Plates in India

By Col. F. Dawson

A Short History of Sizing

By George Whewell

Anthracene (C14H10)

Process for Printing or Transferring Designs

By L. Zweig and A. T. Tischler

The Newest Explosive

Toluidine (C7H9N)

Texas in its Geognostic and Agricultural Aspect

By J. Boll

Making a Poor Soil Fertile

Esparto Grass Trade of Tunis


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