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English Railway Accidents

A Pneumatic Excavator

Simon's Gas and Steam Motor

Millstone Dressing Machines

A Steam Sharpie Yacht

By H. K. Stroud

Use of Compressed Air Motors for Street Cars

By H. Haupt

How Money is Made

By A. E. Outerbridge

Disastrous Earthquake in Persia

Porosity of Stone

Distillation of Coal Tar

Dyed Cocoons

The Spire of La Giralda, Seville, Spain

Dyeing Receipts

Sculpture in Gold and Ivory

Notes on Porcelain Painting

By Victor Joclet

Manufacture of Potash and of Chloride of Methyl from the Dregs of “Treacle.”

By M. Camille Vincent

Recent Chemical Inventions

Cerium Aniline Black

By H. Buhrig

On the Products of Oxidation of Volatile Nitro-Phenol Oxide

A New Compound of Silicium and Strontium

Purification of Mercury

Aluminum Alcohols

Effects of Superoxide of Hydrogen on Iodide of Potassium


A Liquid Current Interrupter

The Aurora

Magneto-Induction Currents

The Scientific American Supplement. Index for Vol. 7


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