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The Wilderness at the Head of the Missouri, Columbia, and Colorado Rivers

By Charles F. Blackburn

Bullocks' Hide Boats

The Antiquity of Man

By Rev. L. J. Templin

A Buried Forest

The World in Wax

The Great Spirit Springs of Kansas

The Cuneiform Inscription at Nineveh

Color Sensation

Rob: A Bird Biography

By Rev. Samuel Lockwood

Artificial Sandstone

Concrete Walls

Orange River Bridges

Proposed High-Level Bridge over the Thames, London

The Horograph

Stevenson's Suspension Railway

Corliss Pumping Engine for Pawtucket, R.I

The Electric Light

Gas for Producing Electric Lights

Polarized Light in Gases

Magnetism and Clouds

The Preparation in a State of Purity of the Group of Metals Known as the Platinum Series, and Notes Upon the Manufacture of Iridio-Platinum

By George Matthey

Magnetization of Nickel

The Spectroscope and High Temperatures

An Electric Blow-Pipe

Transmission of Power by Electricity

Brief History of Bessemer Steel

By Bessemer

Preparation of Malleable Nickel and Cobalt

By Th. Fleitmann

Platinum and Iridium

Houlgrave's Simple Process for Preparing Gelatine Emulsion

On the Volumes of Liquids at their Boiling Points Obtainable from Unit Volumes of their Gases

By W. Ramsay

Naphthalene (C10H8)

A New Method of Producing a Coating of Magnetic Oxide on Iron Surfaces

By George R. Tweedie

On a Method of Precipitating Manganese Entirely as Dioxide, and its Application to the Volumetric Determination of Manganese

By J. Pattinson

On the Determination of Nitric Acid as Nitric Oxide by Means of its Action on Mercury

By Warrington

Action of Mono-Chlor-Acetic Acid upon Sulpho-Cyanic Acid and Its Salts

By M. Nencki

Process for Discovering the Effective Quantity of Tartaric Acid Contained in Dregs of Wine

By Francesco Dotto-Scribani

Adulteration of Wax

By Max

Determination of Nitric Acid Contained in Commercial Lime Juice

By F. Dotto-Scribani

New Reagent for Carbolic Acid

Chemical Recreations

By Albert B. Prescott

Nitrite of Amyl

By Wm. H. Green

Analysis of Coffee Leaves

By Otto Hehner

A New Solvent of Pyroxyline

Betonica Officinalis (Wood Betony)

By F. Herring


Currants for Profit

Orange Flowers and Oranges

By W. B. Bush

Propagating Rare Plants

By Thomas Lawrence

A New Instrument for the Mineral Analyst


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