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Classification of Mowers and Reapers

By Alfred L. Kennedy

Ornamental Planting

Socrates on Agriculture

Absorption of Selenium By Plants

By Charles A. Cameron

Composition of the Milk of Cows of Different Breeds

By E. Marchand

Sowing Oats and Wheat Together

Temperature of Soils

By E. Wollny

Artificial Horse Dung

By Mayer

Shea Butter

By E. M. Holmes

Thermo-Chemical Investigation

Peroxide of Hydrogen

By George E. Davis

Composition of a Boiler Incrustation

By Alfred Smetham


The Manufacture of Magenta by Coupler's Process

By C. Haeussermann

Analysis of Organic Bodies Containing Halogens of Nitrogen

By Hugo Schiff

Excretion of Phosphoric Acid in the Herbivora

By J. Bertram

Purification of Saccharine Juices with Hydrate of Alumina

By O. Kohlrausch

Relations between the Chemical Composition and the Mechanical Properties of Steel

By V. Deshayes

Test for Mercurial Vapors

Artificial Preparation of Manganic Peroxide

By A. Gorgeu

On the Elimination of Phosphorus in the Bessemer Converter

By Sidney G. Thomas and C. Gilchrist

On the Gases Inclosed in Iron and Steel

The Guaiacum and Ozonic Test for Blood

Notes of Practice and peculiarities of Treatment at Philadelphia Hospital

Wards for Diseases of the Nervous System

Value of Rest in the Treatment of Disease

By Arthur E. T. Longhurst

Intellect in Brutes

The Circulation of the Blood

By Th. Moureau

A Valuable Insect

The Desman

How Much Will a Locomotive Pull?

The Steam Yacht Wanderer

Improved Oscillating Engine

By Fournier Levet

Sonometry by Electrical Induction

On Spirality of the Energy in Bar Magnets

By R. C Shettle

New Catadioptric Telescope

Photographing on Wood

By T. C. Harris

Formation of the Universe

M. Janssen's Observations and Observatory at Meudon

The Photography Of Vision

By W. S. Bird

Metallic Plates for Printing, Etc

The Saltpeter Caves in Virginia

By H. Haupt

Life in Persia

Life in the Oil Regions of the United States

By Boverton Redwood

Uniform Time

American Swordfisheries


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