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Alum in Baking Powders

Plant and Animal Life

By A. R. Grote

Suspended Animation

By Benjamin Ward Richardson

Extirpation of the Kidney

A Pleasant Remedy for Toothache

Annatto Yellow on Cotton

By M. Kielmeyer

Manufacture of Spirit Varnishes from Shellac

Gold in Petroleum

New Organized Ferment of Urea

By P. Miquel

Preparation of Chemically Pure Tartaric Acid

By Ficinus

Starch-Like Granules in Eggs

Effects of Inhaling Oil of Turpentine

By M. Poincare

On the Compounds of the Terpenes with Hydrochloric Acid

By William A. Tilden


By MM. Knapp and Ebell

Indelible Ink

Organic Resistance to a Boiling Temperature

Tartar Emetic in Dyeing


By Antony Guyard

Limit of the Separation of Alcohol and Water by Distillation

By J. A. Le Bel

Precipitation of Lime by Alkaline Carbonates

By E. Drechsel

Some Experiments on Alloys of Silver with Embrittling Metals

By Alexander E. Outerbridge

Crystals Extracted from Cast-Iron by Means of Ether or Petroleum

By J. Lawrence Smith

Oil and Soap from the Eucalyptus

Flowers and their Unbidden Guests

Worn Out Pastures

“ He who by the plow would thrive, Himself must either hold or drive.”

The Care of Horses

Car Building

Winners of the Derby and the Oaks

Sir Bevys

Improved Shaping Machine

The Conversazione of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Excelsior Disintegrating Middlings Purifier

Cork and Corks

By H. G. Glasspoole

Refraction of Dark Heat

By P. Desains

Theory of the Telephone

Chrome-Blacks upon Wool

Improvements in Coating Mirrors

Colored Pencils

Colored Photographs

Weighting White Silks

By M. Marius Moyret

The Electric Light

By J. Jamin

Carbolic Acid for Weeds

Electric Inscription of Words

By M. Boudet de Paris

Relation between the Temperature of the Earth and the Depth Below the Surface

By P. Van Dijk

A Good Education

Silk Worms

By Alfred Wailly


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