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Grass Culture

Hedge Cutting Machine

The Castor Bean Plant

By Hon. Edward Ballaine

Cleansing Trees with Soap

A Cheap Charcoal Stove

The Charleston Phosphates

Tests for Butter by Light

The Beginning and End of the Worlds

By Camille Flammarion

The History of Alizarin and Allied Coloring Matters, and Their Production from Coal Tar

By W. H. Perkin

Note on the Absorption Spectrum of Uranine

New Compounds of Ammonia with Hydrochloric Acid

Chemical Alteration of Iron

Selenium in Plants

Progress of Industrial Chemistry

Brief Review of the Most Important Changes in the Industrial Applications of Chemistry within the Last Few Years

By J. W. Mallet


Purification of Mercury

Nitrous Oxide as an Anæsthetic Agent

Material for Standard Weights and Measures

The Supply of Nitrogen

By W. D. Philbrick

Strengthening Alcohol

Professor Hughes' Audiometer

Electric Lighting in Paris

A New System of Telegraphy

The Sounds in the Telephone

Physical Society, London

The Standing Stones of Callanish

Railway Brick Kiln

New Velocipede

Ejection of Passengers from Cars

The Gravity Roads of Pennsylvania

Stop-Cock of Easy Construction

Beet Sugar in France and Germany

By John Sparrow

Food, Physiology, and Force

By E. L. Sturtevant

The Autopsy of an Elephant

By A. J. Howe

Adulteration of Tea

The Last Call

The Owl-Critic


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    July 26, 1879

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