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American Resources and Progress

Self-Regulating Filter

Combs, Gills, and Hackles

Soldering Apparatus

Smelting without Fuel

Drying Box for Photo Gelatine Plates

American Engineering—I

Preparing Metal Sheets and Wire for Coating

Comparative Strength of Wood and Iron

Manganese Bronze

Progress of Marine Steam Engineering

German Scientific Credulity

Glycerine in Rubber

The History of Alizarin and Allied Coloring Matters, and their Production from Coal Tar

By W. H. Perkin

To Test the Dye of Colored Fabrics

Manufacture of Ammonia Salts from Gas Liquor

Ready Method for Preparing Diphenyl

By Watson Smith

Notes on Uranine

Alizarine Blue

A Speculation on Protoplasm

By Persifor Frazer

The Intravenous Injection of Ammonia

By Gaspar Griswold

On the Softening of Magnesia-Hard Water

By J. Grossmann

Remarkable Fire Caused by Lightning

A California Telephone Concert

Recent Explorations in Africa

Historical Sun-Darkenings

Karl Koch

The Wild White Cattle of Great Britain


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