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Molecular Physics in High Vacua.*

By William Crookes

Scientific Experimental Apparatus

American Engineering—III

The Illinois and St. Louis Bridgea

By James B. Eads

Lavoisier's Cabinet

Friction of Fluids

Gravity Railroads

The Chatham Field Operations

Improved Steam Scoop

The Great Public Aquarium at Aston Lower Grounds, Birmingham

By William Alford Lloyd

International Agricultural Show, London

The Importance of the Study of Fungi

The Iowa State Agricultural College, at Ames, Iowa

The Eruption of Mount Etna

The Recent Eruption of Etna

Assyrian Explorations

The Beginnings of Life.—II

Radiolarians and Foraminifers

Successful Transfusion of Human Blood

By William Macewen

Suspended Animation


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    August 16, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism