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Stillé on Yellow Fever

Minot's Ledge Lighthouse

By J. G. Barnard

The Eddystone Lighthouse

Gas Engines

The Channel Tunnel

How to Adjust Line Shafting

By Joshua rose

Millstone Dress and Dressing Tools

Scientific Notes

A Home made Horse Power

By William Robt. Brooks

Supremacy in Manufactures the Heritage of America

Owell.—Statistics of Wages and Living

Reasons for Preferring Dry Plates to Wet Collodion

White Bricks

Gelatino-Bromide Plates

By A. J. Jarman

The Preparation of Cottonseed-Oil

Southern California as a Health Resort

A Peculiar Form of Mania


Chronic Articular Rheumatism and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Citrine Ointment

By J. U. Lloyd

The Treatment of Hemorrhoids by Injection


Cholera Infantum

The Identity of Tuberculous Corpuscles and Decolorized Blood Corpuscles

A New Anæsthetic

The Beginnings of Life.--III

Beings Intermediate Between Animals and Plants

By Edmond Perrier

Turpentine in Whooping Cough

Nerve Stretching in Tetanus

Suberine for Chapped Nipples

Tartrate of Morphia

Anthropometrical Measurements

The Wisconsin Pictured Cave

By Rev. Edwin Brown

The Geological Museum of the School of Mines, Columbia College

By Israel C. Russell

Note on the Discovery of a Human Skull in the Drift near Denver, Colorado

By Thomas Belt

Coloring Matter of Santal and Calliatura Wood

By N. Franchimont

Deprez's Electro-Magnetic Engine

By Count Du Moncel


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