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An Electrical Cabinet

By M. Hopkins

Sir William Fothergill Cooke

Apparatus made from Parts of the Electrical Cabinet

Physical Society, London, June 28, 1879

By W. G. Adams

The New Form of Leclanche Battery

By H. Tobler

New French Torpedo Boats

Casting White Metal around Axles

Railway Brake Experiments


Combustion of Coal in Boiler Furnaces

Coal Mining at Mt Diablo, Cal

Fireproof Pillars

Furnace for the Combustion of Refuse Matters

Aerial Navigation

Artificial Flight

By F. W. Brearey

Triangular Blast-Holes

The “Universal” Horse Rake

Vase Flower Bed at the Paris Exhibition

New Remedy for the Potato Bug

The Farmer's Pests

New Canals in Russia

Elt Hats, how they are made, and the Diseases Suffered by the Workmen

By L. Dennis

Royal Architectural Museum Sketching Club. — Sketches of Ornament from Salisbury, Etc.

Paper Bags

Stereotyping and Stereotypers' Machinery

The Beginnings of Life.—IV

Beings Intermediate Between Animals and Plants

By Edmond Perrier

The Brooklyn Treatment of Diphtheria

By Paul H. Kretzschmar

Preservation of Wood by Creosote

Experiments on the Flow of Solids

Purification of Mercury

By J. W. Bruhl

Nickelizing without Electricity

Characteristics of Animal Fibers

Absorption of Ultra Violet Rays by the Atmosphere

By A. Cornu

Preparation of Ammonia-Free Distilled Water

By J. S. Thomson


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