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Anderson's Gas Washer and Scrubber

Gas and Gas making.—II

By L. P. Gratacap

The Light and Energy of Electricity and Gas

By J. T. Sprague

Automatic Feed Water Apparatus

The Great Suspension Bridge between New York and Brooklyn.—Pay of Officers, Engineers, and Workmen

On the Requisite Thickness of Cast-Iron Water Pipe under Heavy Pressure

By C. H. M. Blake

The Australian Breakwater

The Polyphemus

A New Developer for Dry Plates

New Ironing Machine

The Wear of Steel Rails

Hard Wood Chair

Summer Beverages

Test of the Eyes by Electric Light

Gilt Communion Cup


The Care of Young Children

Microphotography with Tolles' 1/75 Inch Objective

By Ephraim Cutter

Nature of Cohesion and its Chemical Significance

By Fried. Mohr

Local Anæsthesia by Congelation


By E. Fremy

Apparatus for Measuring Fire Damp

Bleaching Ostrich Feathers

Alizarin Carmine

Chemical Composition of Mineral Coal

Abridged from Comptes Rendus for the Franklin Journal

By Pliny Earle Chase

Extraction of Green Coloring Matter from Coffee

M. Gaiffe's Galvanic Deposits of Cobalt

Conveying Acids

On the Size of Molecules

By N. D. C. Hodges

A Mordant from Lees of Wine

Influence of Boracic Acid upon Acetic Fermentation

By A. Herzin

The Tar Colors and the Electric Light

By Greiff

Electro-Deposition of Nickel

Water in the Preparation of Raw Silk

[Communicated by the Instituto Technico Superiore of Milan]


By Clemens Winkler

Magnetization of Molten Iron

The Photographic Observation of the Oxygen Spectrum

By Hermann W. Vogel

The Spiritual in Man

Remedy for Blow Holes in Cast Metal

Norwegium—A New Metal

The Affinity of Languages

Prize Animals

Culture of the Raspberry

Dog Lore

The Geology of Gibraltar


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