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Morin's Rotary Dynamometer

Proposed Bridge Over the English Channel

House Drainage*

Explosion of the Flouring Mills at Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 2, 1878, and the Causes of the Same

By S. F. Peckham

On a New Method of Preparing Gelatinobromide of Silver

By Van Monckhoven*

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Meeting of 1879, at Saratoga Springs, N. Y

By Henry Draper

An Optical Illusion

Rotation of the Plane of Polarization by Electro-Magnetism in a Vapor

Jamin's Electric Lamp

Influence of Electricity on Colliding Water Drops

A Mirror Barometer

On the Different Methods of Artificial Alimentation *

By Thomas J. Gallaher

Mammary Inflammation Treated by Ice

Morbid Fear as a Symptom of Nervous Disease *

By George M. Beard

Melting Points of the Elements and Their Coefficients of Expansion by Heat

By T. Carnelley

The Secretion of the Gastric Glands

Purification of Platinum and Iridium

On Ultramarine

By M. T. Morel

Green Pigment From Chromate of Barium

By Thos. Douglas

On A New Violet Coloring Matter

By M. Prud*amp*apos;Homme

Quantitative Determination of Zinc

By F. L. Beilstein, Jawein

Separation of Ferric Oxide and Alumina from Manganese

Transferring Lightfoot-Black From One Fiber to Another

By Jutus Wolff

Turkey Red Dyeing


By E. W. Buchner


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    September 20, 1879

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