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An Eastern “Oil City”

The Late Sir Rowland Hill

The Bradford Oil District of Pennsylvania

By A. Ashburner


The Most Economical Speed for Steamships of the Navy

By John Lowe

Life-Saving Rafts

The French Armor Plated Ship the “Admiral Duperre”

Screws Versus Paddles

Anti-Fire Construction

By R. G. Hatfield

Economy of Fuel

Electricity as a Motive Power

By W. E. Ayrton

Electrical Clocks and Clockwork

On Lightning Protectors for Telegraphic Apparatus

By Wm. Henry Preece

Fischer's Pyrometer

The Brooks Underground Telegraph Cable

Starch Photo Plates

Sewer Ventilation in Berlin

Quantitative Determination of Cadmium

By F. Beilstein and L. Jawein

A New Method of Making Tincture of Iodine

By E. F. Cherry

On the Cure of Consumption

By James H. Salisbury

Notes on Cinchona Bark

By David Howard

An Improved Method of Making Phosphorus Pills

By Edmund F. Cherry

A New Test for the Presence of Biliary Coloring Matter in the Urine

New Mode of Harvesting Wheat


Meteorological Registers

Dental Transplanting

Distances for Grapes

How our Ancestors in the Stone Age Made their Implements

By B. B. Redding

The Planet Jupiter

Palisa Comet II, 1878

Is Nest Building an Instinct in Birds?

By Benjamin T. Lowne

Notes on the Thrushes of Washington Territory

By S. K. Lum

Isinglass from Sea-Weeds

Sea Weed

What it is Composed of, and the Many Uses to Which it is Put


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    October 18, 1879