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American Engineering.—V

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The Agamemnon

Berthon's Collapsible Boat for Pontoon Bridge Equipment

The Temperature of Escaping Steam

Machine for Sharpening Straight and Circular Saws

Steam Plowing Engine

Preparing Bees for Winter

Australian Sheep

East Indian Wheat

The Pituri Plant

The Newer Grapes

Export of American Foot Products to England

Methods and Rules of China Painting

Confectionery at Home

By Catherine Owen

Digestion and Dyspepsia

Replanting, And a New Process of Ingrafting Porcelain Crowns on Natural Roots

By George W. Weld

Gas and Gas Making.—III

By L. P. Gratacap

Mineral Deposits—The Comstock Lode

Blast Furnace Slag-Its New Uses

Fire Damp in Mines

De Meritens's New Magneto-Electric Machine

Animal Electricity

Mr. Jamieson's Lectures on Electricity and Submarine Telegraphy

On Nocturnal Animals

By James Murie

The Scintillation of the Stars, and Meteorological Phenomena


By Clements R. Markham

Dust Showers


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    October 25, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism