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By Clements R. Markham

The Ostrich Parks of Algiers

The Leather Turtle

By John Ford

The Age of Ice

By H. B. Norton

The Beginning and End of the Worlds

By Camille Flammarion

A New Meteorite

The South Pass Jetties

Notes on the Consolidation and Durability of the Works, with a Description of the Concrete Blocks and other Constructions of the Last Year

By Max E. Schmidt

How to Explore for Minerals

Compound Marine Engine

New Marine Railway

Acoustical Fire-Damp Detecter

By George Forbes

Mackenzie's Screw Propeller Assistant

A New Rheometric Gas Burner

The Theory of Roller Milling

The Miller, from Gustav Pappenheim's “Popular Treatise on Milling”

An Improved Gas Blowpipe

By F. H. Wenham

Measuring Devices

On a Galvanometer for Demonstrating the Internal Current Transmitted through the Liquid within a Voltaic Cell

By Conrad W. Cooke

Density of Chlorine at High Temperatures

By A. Lieben

The Finest Diamonds in the World

The Currents of Ampere, and on Residual Magnetism

By M. Treve

Saponine from the Bark of Quillaia Saponaria

By H. Collier

On the Presence of Nitrogen in Steel

By Alfred H. Allen

On the Dissociation of Chlorine

By F. P. Dunnington

Gaiffe's New Battery

Detection of Phenol

Anhydrous Air as a Therapeutic Agent

By G. A. Keyworth

Fermentation and Putrefaction of Mil

By T. J. Burrill

Curious Foods

Cements for the Teeth

A New Food for Cattle

Hay as Food for Hogs

Large Flocks Profitable

Standard Requisites for Poultry


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    November 01, 1879

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism